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safe chiropractic adjustmentsDr K uses safe techniques while adjusting you.  If you don't want to hear audibles (pops) while adjusting your back and neck he has instruments that will work as effectively as a manual adjustment.

machine chiropractic adjustments

Our goal is to make you feel better and stay better.  This is why we utilize various rehabilitation therapies and exercises to get your body stronger.  Many of these exercises can be done at home as well so you can maintain your progress.  We also have in office traction.  This is sort of like braces for your teeth, but it works on the spine.  By restoring the spine back to its ideal alignment many symptoms go away and stay away.  People's overall performance also improves through this technique.
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physical therapy

cervical restoration

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  • "If you need adjusting and want to better the overall quality of your life, you cannot do better than Dr K and Lona."
    Eddie T.
  • "Very thorough with examination. Shows you the areas for improvement and provides plan of action with alternatives to fit your schedule. AWESOME experience."
    Tiffany M.