Running Analysis:

Being an avid runner himself, Dr Kubricht enjoys working with runners.  He has travelled all over the country working with some of the best running coaches.  Every couple years there is a new fad amongst runners from shock absorption shoes, to barefoot running, to forefoot strike, midfoot strike, etc.  Here we take the mentality that each person's form is going to be a little different than other peoples and there is no one right way to run, but there are some bad ways to run.  Our goal is to determine which part of your form is detrimental vs a personal style and then correct only what needs correcting.  

This individualized approach is something we pride ourselves on.  We hate it when we hear people who have been told they can't run, they run wrong, they don't have a running body type, they are a female and that is why they have injuries, or they are pigeon holed into a cookie cuter program.  This is a great article about the myths with female runners.  Click Here.

We offer a complete running analysis for runners, triathletes, and those interested in increasing their speed in their favorite sport.  It will help you increase your speed, endurance, and recovery time between runs/workouts.  We have also found issues that would have become more serious in the future had they not been addressed.

We will walk you through a series of exercises where we look at your biomechanics to determine muscle weakness, abnormal range of motion, and compensation patterns.  Next, you will be recorded running on a treadmill.  We combine the data to determine what areas need improvement and prescribe the correct exercises for your ability.  Once those exercises are no longer challenging we will give you new ones to continue to challenge and improve your game.

Below are two examples of things we found on a patient of ours.

The first one is an example of forward head posture, overactive traps, and head tilt.  These improper biomechanics will cause muscles to become overused, create pain generators, and speed up fatigue.  This head posture also will decrease oxygen intake and make the heart work harder.  This leads to slower times and faster fatigue.

Runner posture

The second picture is an example of too much heel strike for this runner.  He kept experiencing intermittent knee and heel pain.  We helped him switch to a comfortable midfoot strike through exercises since forefoot running felt extremely uncomfortable for him.

heel strike

And here is the follow up on this runner.  He ran the Boston marathon in April and set a PR for marathon time, 2:47:55.  Way to go Stephen!

Marathon PR


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