Back Pain

Bad posture contributes to spinal misalignments which cause upper and lower back pain.

Back pain is generally divided into two categories.  There is low back pain and upper back pain.  Upper back pain usually refers to the area around the shoulders, ribs and the shoulder blades.  The ribs provide support and reduced the range of motion of the upper back.  Low back pain is from below the ribs to the pelvis.  It is generally more restrictive and more common because the ribs are not there to support it.  The low back also carries more weight.

Low Back Pain

Is generally more painful and affect people’s daily activities with greater frequency.  Most low back pain is by facets joints (in the lumbar vertebrae), disc injury, muscles in the back, or by the sacroiliac joint (in the pelvis).  These issues are generally caused by improper alignment of the lumbars and pelvis.  This results in wear and tear on this region which frequently results in pain and degenerative changes (arthritis).  This is similar to tires on a car wearing out because of improper alignment or if they are over or under inflated.

At Prosperity Chiropractic, we specialize in analyzing your alignment and will diagnose and treat the cause of your pain.  This can include adjustments, traction, core exercises, to examining your biomechanics and leg length discrepancies.  This will allow your body to heal itself and prevent relapses.

Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain is just as common as low back and neck pain, but usually less intense.  It is frequently the result of bad posture, muscle spams, or a referral pattern from your neck.Which is why at Prosperity Chiropractic, Dr. Kubricht, performs a detailed exam to determine the cause and to get the best results in the shortest time.  There are more serious cases involving scoliosis, Scheurmann’s, and hyperkyphosis, these are screened for at Prosperity Chiropractic before treatment is started.

Chiropractic and Back Pain

Chiropractic has a long, safe, successful history when dealing with back pain.  While some back pain is from immediate traumas, most is from poor long term posture and biomechanical issues which cause Subluxations.  These misalignments (subluxations) put pressure on the nerves and it creates a negative response in your nervous system which can affect your entire body.  Often times, your body will tell you there is something wrong with pain.  Chiropractors are the only healthcare professionals trained to detect and correct subluxations.

Recently the Journal of the American Medical Association endorsed chiropractic as a safe and the first option for the treatment of low back pain.

At Prosperity Chiropractic, we will take a look at your entire body and create an individualized plan to help you achieve your goals.  Many chiropractors will adjust your back until you are out of pain.  Here we will adjust you as well as strengthen and re-educate your body so that it can heal itself as well as prevent relapses.  After this, patients will often come in every so often to get a check up to make sure they are in alignment and to prevent relapses.


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