Numbness And Tingling

When people experience numbness and tingling in their arms and legs it can become very worrisome and affect their quality of life. Sometimes it indicates an underlying pathology, which can be very serious. Other times it is caused by misalignment in the spine that puts pressure on the nervous system. This numbness and tingling is the body’s natural way of telling it and us there is something wrong needs to be corrected.

At Prosperity Chiropractic, we perform a detailed neurological examination to determine the cause of the numbness and tingling in your arms and legs.  If it is a chiropractic case we will remove the irritation of the nerves and help restore your body to its optimal functioning capability.  Most cases we see in our office we are able to help the patients heal without drugs or surgery.  In some cases, the doctor may refer you out to a specialist in the appropriate area and will work closely with them to help you on your road to recovery.

Repetitive motions coupled with bad posture can be a main contributor to numbness and tingling.

There are three main causes of numbness and tingling:

Traumas (blunt force, motor vehicle collisions, repetitive motion)

  • sciatica (tingling down to your knee)

  • nerve compression

  • carpel tunnel syndrome (often from typing)

  • tennis elbow (repetitive motions)

  • golfer’s syndrome (repetitive motions)

  • muscular trigger points

  • myofascial adhesions (similar to muscular trigger points)

  • entrapped nerves

  • pinched nerves

  • thoracic outlet syndrome (arm and hand numbness and tingling, often pinky and ring finger)

  • spinal disc lesions

  • spondylosis

  • severed nerve

Metabolic Disorders

  • calcium deficiency

  • diabetes

  • alcoholism

  • liver disease

  • renal disease

  • Raynuad’s phenomenon

Neurological Events

  • demyelenating disease

  • central nervous system disease

  • peripheral nervous system disease

If you suffer from numbness and tingling, contact Prosperity Chiropractic to have Dr. Brett Kubricht perform a thorough exam.  The longer these conditions go undetected the harder they become to treat.


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