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Dr. Brett Kubricht
Your Charlotte Chiropractor

"First, I love how you are always greeted with a smile and warm personality.  I came in for health and maintenance care, I have had on and off back and neck pain.  Dr. Kubricht has helped me with my running, walking, sleeping, sitting, basically life in general.  Whenever I am feeling "off" all I need is a quick visit and I am instantly feeling better.  I also wasn't expecting how much he has helped my running.  I can now run longer without pain." - Jessica N.

"I had pain traveling down my neck into my arm and my medical doctors could not figure out why.  Dr K figured out the curve in my neck was affecting the nerves.  We restored the curve and the pain went away and has stayed away.

In addition to the great treatment, their staff is friendly, courteous, and concerned for everyone.  You can ask the doctor anything and he will help you or point you in the right direction.  I also enjoy going to his dinner lectures, they are informative and interesting." - Mishaun M.

Mishaun and Maliyka

"I came in for migraines, low back and neck pain.  I use to get migraines all the time, now I get 1 or 2 a year.  After a car accident years ago a chiropractor helped me get out of pain, but it returned.  Dr. K helped me realize why and has been able to get the pain to go away and stay away.  I also find myself sleeping better now, I didn't know chiropractic would help with sleep."  - Sarah Z. 

"Dr. Kubricht has helped me mange an ongoing issue with my sciatica and hip, and lower back that has been reoccurring for years. Through his treatment I have been able to maintain my active lifestyle with limited pain (I am a runner and I love to play intermural adult sports). He also helped me to manage a separate, car accident related injury, from which I have recovered.

Their office is a great environment. His staff are extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, and easy going. They have their own in-house x-ray machine, so there’s no need for an extra trip to the hospital. They also perform traction in-office and have various strengthening and stretching tools.  Dr. K is patient, knowledgeable, and kind. He and his staff have helped me attain a new level of wellness that I didn’t think I could achieve. His treatment has allowed me to continue my running and sports, when in the past I have had to stop doing the things I love due to back pain" - Jackie S.

Jackie S. and Dr K.


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  • "If you need adjusting and want to better the overall quality of your life, you cannot do better than Dr K and Lona."
    Eddie T.
  • "Very thorough with examination. Shows you the areas for improvement and provides plan of action with alternatives to fit your schedule. AWESOME experience."
    Tiffany M.